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Is tailor-made software a necessity?

Standard software

One cannot imagine a modern company which does not use some kind of standard software. Unavoidable are popular office suites offering standard applications like word processing and spreadsheet. Trough cloud technologies you can edit your documents on multiple devices and collaborate simultaneously with your colleagues. Databases manage and store our key data and serve as a backbone of other applications implementing some kind of business logic. Most prominent example of this use case are ERP systems. In last couple of years AI technologies are becoming a standard cornerstone of all business applications.

Standard software is definitely a necessary part of every company’s assets and tools. No one can argue against it. But how about specialized software? How about a software which was tailor-made only for your company?

Specialized software

Surely if you are offering some highly technical products and services you must utilize some kind of software which is specialized for your business domain. Prominent examples are CAD & CAM tools as well as software development and graphic design tools, The good thing about this specialized software is a fact that it is available on the market. One can just instantly buy a copy or - through nowadays the most dominant model - subscribe to the usage of it. This software is not a mass-ware and hence has most certainly high price tags on it. But if those tools are essential to your core competence you have to invest and utilize them.

Tailor-made software

So why would one want or even need a tailor-made software? To be honest if your ambition is to be just another average company, then you are probably well served with standard and some or none of specialized software. But if you want to separate yourself from the competition and really make a difference for your customers, you have to have something nobody else has - not in the matter of product or service you offer - but also in the matter of tools you use.

Tailor-made software can help you to:

  • boost productivity of your employees
  • increase sales and revenue
  • improve process efficiency
  • create and offer new services and/or products


We at Laniteo are well aware of this market need driven by all those exceptional companies out there. Therefore our answer to the question in title is definitely “Yes!”. Hence we offer special service Custom software development where we create tailor-made software solutions for our customers which do not have software product development competencies themselves.

If you have any further questions, or simply need help by the analysis to make your decision, please contact us. We offer you a free consulting.