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Redesigning a corporate identity

Generally speaking a corporate identity consists out of logo, color palette, fonts, page layouts and website. In this article we will focus on redesigning a new logo and a website for our company.


The basic principles, which each graphic designer should follow when creating any graphic solution, are:

  • simplicity
  • recognition
  • uniqueness

At the very beginning of a design process, it is necessary to conduct a research and collect as much information as possible about the company and its market. The more detailed research you conduct, the chances of achieving excellent results are higher. The relevant aspects in the research are:

  • company’s DNA and history
  • company's product and services portfolio
  • target market
  • commonly used colors at the market
  • requirements and expectations from the new design

When all relevant information is collected, the design process can be started. In most cases, simple and clean design solutions with 2 or 3 colors are completely enough and very effective. Another thing that must be taken into account is the fact that the logo will be used not only in electronic media but also printed on various materials. Also you have to think about the size of the details and color reproduction. Not all RGB colors can be printed in the CMYK color system - which is used by the printing industry. After you have finished the first version, print it on a paper in the dimensions 1x1cm, and if you can see all elements you did a good job. While designing our logo there were many variations of it such as:

  • abstract sign with inscription of company name below it
  • compression of name by only using consonants
  • stylized inscription of the company name

In the following we will present the three solutions mentioned above.

Among the first ideas for designing the logo was to create an abstract sign with a discreet sans-serif inscription of the company's name. In most cases, by using the basic geometric elements (like a triangle) with some modifications, you can accomplish an interesting result. These geometric elements are usually static. To solve this problem, the triangle was rotated by 20 degrees clockwise which gave it the sense of movement.

Redesigning A Corporate Identity Abstract Logo

The research of the market and trends among world companies showed that there is also a popular way to present the company's name, by using consonants. To make this solution more interesting, we added the interaction between letters "L", "N", and "T". We also used here a simple geometric element, a line, with a certain thickness, which you can see on the left side of the below picture.

Redesigning A Corporate Identity LNT Logo

Although the solutions presented above were good, there was something missing in order for the logo to be excellent. The third idea was to create a logo by using inscription that can be also be interpreted as a sign (like the world-renowned companies such as Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, and many others did). In this solution a sans-serif font with modifications on some letters was used. As shown in the picture below, there is a similarity between letters "A" and "O". By simply merging the circle and square, you can notice geometric shape that by rotation stylishly present these letters. For the more interesting logo we modified the letter "L" by capitalizing it and "E" by rotating it a little, which gave the whole logo a special touch. Also, the interesting fact is that the company name has letters "I" and "T", which is short for "informational technologies" which is our core industry. This fact is emphasized by changing the color of the point of the letter "I". The research showed that in most cases IT companies have warm colors like red and orange in their logo. To differentiate ourselves, we have chosen cyan as the main color. In addition to many meanings, this color is associated with intelligence, understanding, and precision. The winner solution is presented in the picture below.

Redesigning A Corporate Identity Winner Logo


The website must be designed by closely following the design of the logo in order to remain consistent with your design idea and vision. If you look carefully throughout our website, you will notice the subtle reuse of logo’s elements.

The website design consisted out of the following steps:

  • creating concept (with final text in one language) and structure of the website
  • using the similar sans-serif font as the logo
  • implementing the letter "O" as the graphic expression
  • making grids from triangle polygons
  • creating interaction between logo elements and polygons
  • embracing cyan as a primary color
  • using gradients on some headlines and elements (combination of cyan and royal blue colors)

To stay in race with today's web design trends, it was necessary to make a striking picture for the home screen. If you look closely at the picture below, you will notice the lines of code - which actually represent the "pseudocode" of our poject’s process. The network of polygons represents the global connection in today's world and also its inevitable digitalisation. To create such an image, a good knowledge of vector (drawing polygons) & raster elements (space, earth picture and many Photoshop effects in) and their integration is needed. Here is the final result:

Redesigning A Corporate Identity Homescreen

At the end, I would like to thank my team, for comprehensive Feedback during the creation of the logo and website, as well as the frontend team which "materialized" my whole vision and idea in a high-quality manner.

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact us.