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Beautifying our work environmentBeautifying our work environment

Beautifying our work environment

Since we spend a considerable amount of our time at our workplace, it is very important - besides having great colleagues and interesting tasks - to be in a work environment that inspires and fulfills you with positive energy.

Since my hobby is painting, I had a great pleasure in fulling the task of beautifying our work environment. I should create something modern, intuitive, without having any limitations in manufacturing technique. After some thinking about what to do, I decided to create three works of art: one graphics (using Adobe Illustrator), one painting (painted with acrylic paints using artistic knives), and one sculpture which is a combination of a painting and a fully functional mechanism.

Things we love

With this artwork I tried to represent our philosophy of life. We love the nature and see ourselves as a part of it. By using information technologies we digitize the analog world in the digital one and thereby help our customers to sustainably optimize their operation and value creation. The artwork is physically divided and printed on three separated canvases.

Things we love

Laniteo city

2015 our mother company was founded in Berlin and two years later a subsidiary was founded in Novi Sad too. The challenge behind this artwork was to somehow visualize company's geographic roots. So I came up with the an idea of the Laniteo City as an artistic merging of two cities.

Using silhouettes of certain architectural landmarks I have presented Berlin (Reichstag building, TV tower, Victory Column, and Brandenburg gate) and Novi Sad (City Hall, Liberty Bridge, Petrovaradin's fortress, and Name of Mary Church). While creating the painting, I also had a challenge on how to merge these monuments in one entity. Bridges have always connected cities, people, and nations. Having that in mind, I connected Berlin and Novi Sad with Liberty Bridge in the central part of the paint as you can see in the image below.

Laniteo cityLaniteo city close up

Drunken clock

Novi Sad has many landmarks to see, but one stands out in front of all: the Petrovaradin's fortress and its clock known as "drunken" clock. Since 1750, when it was made, to the present day it shows the time very accurately, with a slight deviation - a few minutes more in summer and a few minutes less in winter. This clock is also specific because the minute hand indicates the hours and the hour hand the minutes. In that manner, sailors from the Danube could easily see what time it is. In the process of creating this sculpture, I was guided with the idea to raise the whole composition to the next level. I have painted the clock on a canvas but also embedded a clock mechanism into it, so now the whole artwork functions as a clock on the wall showing the time in the same manner as the original "drunken" clock.

Drunken clock

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