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Our fifth anniversary

September the 10th, 2020 is a great day for our company. On this day we celebrate our 5th anniversary. Our journey started when we founded our parent company Laniteo GmbH in Berlin. Two years later, in April 2017, we founded our subsidiary Laniteo SRB doo in Novi Sad.

The last five years have been full of interesting projects and challenges. We have improved our skills, deepened our knowledge and helped our customers to create more value from their products and services.

With the constant need to expand our business horizons, besides existing services such as software development, software testing and UI & UX design, we have recently been providing a couple of new services:

  • DevOps
  • The production of Explanatory videos

As our experience grew, so did our corporate identity. In the effort to be unique and recognizable, we created a modern and minimalist CI consisting of:

  • The new logo - which served as the basis for other CI elements
  • The modern and clean website
  • Brochure and business cards
  • Typography - by creating our own font

The collage with some elements of our CI:

Corporate identity image

The key to a successful market presence is made up of many factors. In the next five years we will strive to improve our knowledge and skills, but above all to maintain a clear, correct and transparent cooperation with our customers.

If you have any further questions, or simply need help by the analysis to make your decision, please contact us. We offer you a free consulting.